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This is a must have if you have a cricket mug press you put the sheets in there to fit your tumblers or mugs that don’t fit tightly in the press. It makes your  Sublimation sheet press up against your Tumblr or mug so that the heat can transfer your image.
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This is perfect for weeding makes it easy to get the little bits off of your tool and it fits perfectly on your desk or table.
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This is great for keeping your desk organized but it is also used for those who do resin products like keychains. Each tray slides out so you can remove the tray and put your resin product on top of it. Then simply slide the tray back in and it’ll be out of your way so you won’t accidentally touch it or damage it. This desk organizer works great both ways.
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This is another desk organization tray system that can be used for storing your resin projects in molds to cure. This way they’re protected from you accidentally touching it or placing anything on top of it.
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This stand is perfect for everybody who post pictures of their products or videos of their products to social media or Etsy this stand is rechargeable and it turns in different directions. A must have for any business!
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This mold is great for keychains you can make the letter resin pressed flowers, you could use regular epoxy or UV resin.
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These flakes are great for all your resin products you could use it to make earrings keychains etc.
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This is a great protector for everybody who uses a cricket heat press it comes with various sizes he could do the sleeves are a pocket or the shirt it’s very useful.
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50% discount is valid till 9/15/2022 or while supplies last

50% off tape measure 

Discount is valid till Sept. 18, 2022 or while supplies last.
This tape ruler is good for measuring your cups or tumblers if you do sublimation.  

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'This tiny desktop vacuum really comes in handy especially if you work with glitter. It also works great for crumbs, wood shavings, dust and so much more.  Easy to use and clean.
Perfect table covers for those pop up and vendor events.  I love how sleek and professional they look.  They are also hold up really well in the washer and dryer.  
I've used this scale since the first order I had and I will continue to use it.  Love that it has an plug and also works with batteries.  It has the convenience of putting it away in a drawer and not having to worry about where you left the plug at.  It is very easy to use and has held up pretty good. 
A must have if you use a Cricut like me.  With these adapters I can use just about any pen or marker.  It even works with sharpies! 
Are you in the shirt selling business?  This is a must have tool for you! It folds my shirts perfectly and makes them look neat.  Very easy to use and a must have essential.
Love, Love, Love this thermal printer! I can make any type of label  I need for my packages or for my apparel. The best perk is you don't need ink. Like never!!! You can print on white or colored thermal labels.  You can find them in a roll or stacked.  I love the roll option because I can add them to my peg board with a towel holder and it helps to keep them organized.
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I use this FRAGILE sticker for all my packages. Depending on how many orders you process this roll will last you a while.  Click button below to amazon.com for details and pricing. 

Promo code available until 9/4/2022.

Code: 506VENJD Use the following link

This cart is so useful especially if you work in a small room.  It helps to keep your items organized and at arms length. The wheeled cart is perfect if you need to keep items ready and available.  
Promo code available until 9/5/2022.
Code: 5096C7TW
Use the following link to find the cart  ​​https://amzn.to/3e0yD8B


​Very helpful for everyone who used a laptop with an attached keyboard.  It is also great for elevating the laptop to be at eye level therefore not straining your neck or back.  
Promo code available till Sept. 27, 2022 with the following link https://amzn.to/3R03OQg
Promo code: 7013T3M4

These hanging straps are useful if you do pop up vendor events.  I use them on my canopy to hang merchandise and shelving.  They are sturdy and makes new useful space at the vendor events.  
Promo available till Sept. 27, 2022 with the following link https://amzn.to/3CG9zxY
​Promo code:  708W1R71

Great markers for daily use. I love that it has a double tip so you can switch to accomodate your needs. The colors are vibrant and the markers last a long time. 
Promo available till Sept. 5, 2022 with the following link https://amzn.to/3Ku5mzu
​Promo code: 504HNPAY

Sublimation paper for t shirts, cups, keychains etc... All crafters can use this paper for your projects.  Matched with great ink this paper works wonderfully!
Promo available until Sept. 27, 2022 with the following link https://amzn.to/3cDDhJk
​Promo Code: 05SNAZZY